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Claude Ergas Branding Consultant Agency expands services and launches new website

Claude Ergas Branding Consultant Agency expands services and launches new website

Claude Ergas takes branding and marketing to another level with a different platform as complement to achieve results for businesses

July 10, 2017 – As a goal to provide solutions, increase sales and help market businesses to achieve their goals, Claude Ergas, the branding and marketing consultant based in Beverly Hills has chosen to expand his company’s scope of services. Which now includes licensing, branding and a new website, www.claudeergas.com. The layout of services includes licensing, branding and marketing to maximize business profits.

According to the founder & CEO, Claude Ergas, ‘The firm has a long history of providing the best state of licensing and branding services for businesses and new startups, for over two decades. We have been in the forefront of working personally with multi-billion dollar companies and increasing the growth rate by over 30% at each entity.’

As a firm that proves its worth, there is specialization in licensing functions for client business, developing and sustaining an outstanding relationship with retailers and staying in touch with the main licensees, to skyrocket and increases brand opportunities and revenue.

Like a firm with touch for excellence, we launch brand awareness with arrays of business methods, by researching, forecasting, competitive analysis, and environmental interpolations to increase profitability.

As a marketing expert, www.claudeergas.com  has been improving & scaling business increasing profitability, offering relationship growth, licensee/retail, sales analysis and building business strategies. Either as a domestic client or international customer, Claude Ergas is the perfect place to check-in.

For more information about the company and a one-stop avenue to put to end to all branding and marketing needs for businesses, visit www.claudeergas.com

About Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing

A branding consultant firm with excellence, with a business model that thrives on uttermost customer satisfaction at its core functions. They believe and implement the growth philosophy, that is checking and viewing client requirements from their angle with a customized approach. A company that boasts of quality and high-value network built and utilized for clients over the years. They got it better than the typical marketing firm around, surpassing their client needs and expectation.

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