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Gaia Group held Press Conference to launch the Happiness Alliance to Pioneer in the Pursuit for Happiness

Gaia Group held Press Conference to launch the Happiness Alliance to Pioneer in the Pursuit for Happiness

On the afternoon of July 5th, in Beijing, China, Gaia Education Group, along with Wish1000 Foundation and Blue Butterfly Foundation, jointly held the launching conference of the Happiness Alliance. The conference attracted many entrepreneurs and philanthropists from all around China. Nearly hundreds of members from the press, internet KOLs and bloggers witnessed and reported this event.

The concept of “happiness” has been expanded and deepened through the spread of concepts such as “happy China” and “ten talks about happiness”.

Gaia has delivered an exceptional audio-visual experience with high-tech interactive performance methods during the show, since the upgrade of its “immersive education” by using electro sound and light. An animated short film was also shown to introduce the founder of Gaia group Ms. Wang Tingying (Mavis)’s early life experience, how Gaia was founded and its vision to benefit the world with happiness by carrying out public welfare practice.

The press conference consists of four units named after an old Chinese saying ‘To cultivate the moral self, regulate the family, maintain the state rightly and make all peaceful (Xiu Shen, Qi Jia, Zhi Guo, Ping Tian Xia).The units demonstrated the charitable activities Gaia has carried out in the past, as well as the social responsibilities Gaia holds. Ms. Wang Tingying shared her thoughts and vision about happiness, and introduced her new book – ‘Meditation to Happiness (Xing Fu Chan)’.  As introduced, the book summarizes the knowledge Ms. Wang has learnt during her years of public welfare practice, and guides people to find and pursuit on their own paths to happiness.

Mr. Cao Yang, popular host from Beijing TV station hosted this conference. A selected chapter from the book Meditations to Happiness was also read by representatives from Gaia Group, Wish1000 foundation and Green Light leaders as a prelude to happiness. The performances as well as the interactions from the conference earned high appreciation from the audience.


As one of the leading companies in happiness education, Gaia Education Group works with Wish1000 foundation and Blue butterfly Foundation in dedicating their effort on happiness public welfare. Their charitable activities include teaching assistants, disaster relief, psychological assistance and emergency assistance. The people from Gaia joined the rescue in the Wenchuan 2008 earthquake, as well as the Neapolitan earthquake and the Sri Lanka flood.

As Gaia celebrates its fifth birthday, it calls for the launching of “the happiness league”. They now welcome everyone on the way of pursuing happiness to join in the league, to build happy families, a happy China, a happy world and “the belt and the road of happiness”.

Interview with Ms. Wang Tingying

Q1: The theme of today’s conference is ‘Happy Family, Heartening China’, and the Happiness Alliance was also launched. How did Gaia arrive at today’s success? What is Gaia planning to do in the future?

A1: Gaia is not just one person, but an entire group of lovely people, entrepreneurs and charity foundations such as Wish1000 foundation and Blue butterfly foundation. Since 2006, we have trained 2000 “happiness lecturers” who teaches people all around China how to find their own happiness.

After all these years, we believe that this project will eventually lead to a new way of life.

Our group includes three charity foundations: Wish1000 foundation, Blue butterfly foundation and Orchid foundation. These three foundations are responsible for different charitable activities. By continuously focusing on public welfare, they gathered nearly 100 million CNY of donations, and they are still carrying on. So I think this is our greatest achievement.

Gaia is a social enterprise, and also a public welfare enterprise. We’d like to be the promoters of happiness through the Happiness Alliance. Together, we will contribute our efforts towards building a Happy China.


Q2: From the upgrade of immersive education in April to today’s launch of the Happiness Alliance, Gaia has taken an entire new look. What do you think may be the difference between the new Gaia from the past, and what would Gaia stick to?

A2: It is the 5th anniversary of Gaia group. We’d like to link life education and happiness education with daily life. We believe that daily life is the fountain of happiness. We hope to build happiness communities through the Happiness Alliance and to spread happiness all around China, and eventually across the whole world.

Q3: At last, we’d like you to say something to the people who are pursuing happiness.

A3: I’d like to give my best wish to everyone who believes that love and happiness can lead to a happier world, happier China and a happier life. Love is everything. Love is the answer. The world needs you. You are important!

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