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CFSC Welcomes Four New Stores in NY

CFSC Welcomes Four New Stores in NY

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ – 7 Jul, 2017 – Community Financial Service Centers (CFSC) has acquired four new stores in the New York metro area.  These stores bring their total NY-NJ metro count to 87, with CFSC stores nationally at more than 200 and counting.  These four additional stores will provide their communities with a complete array of financial services necessary for customers in these neighborhoods, including check cashing, business check cashing, electronic bill pay, money orders, money transfers, foreign currency exchange, debit cards, ATM services, and much more. CFSC stores provide a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the industry highlighting extended store hours with many stores open 24 hours for their customers’ convenience.

“Our customers know they can rely on our services and especially the care we provide them to support their financial needs quickly and compassionately,” stated Tom Musial, President of NY Community Financial, LLC, who opened and operates the 87 stores in the NY- NJ metro area.  “We understand our customers and provide the right products and services to enhance their financial situations at a minimal cost, and we look forward to servicing the customers in these new locations,” added Musial.  Musial, like 90% of the employees at NY Community Financial, had begun his career as a teller at the store level in Wisconsin.  CFSC executives, managers and employees respond to their customers with a sense of knowing, because most of them have been involved at the store level and have serviced customers personally.

The four newly acquired CFSC stores previously operated as check cashing stores formerly known as Franklin Check Cashing. These stores have operated for many years supporting their communities with financial services. CFSC will provide additional products to attract more customers, yet still provide the same friendly, customer-focused service to the store’s existing customers. It is a win-win for everyone in the community seeking financial services outside of a bank environment. 

The four new stores provide a higher concentration within the existing footprint currently supported by CFSC stores. “This is one of many ways we respond to our customers’ needs by having stores within convenient locations of their homes, as well as their jobs,” expresses Larry Liskiewicz, Director of Operations, for NY Community Financial, LLC.  “Our customers have very specific wishes regarding their financial needs and we continually seek additional locations, in addition to staying open longer hours, to be at the right place and at the right time when our customers need us most,” Liskiewicz further explained.  

Of the four new stores, one is located in the Bronx at 1297 Boston Road, and the other three are in Upper Manhattan at 473 Lenox Ave, 2081 Lexington Ave, and 1562 St. Nicholas Ave.   

About Community Financial Service Centers

CFSC is a third-generation, family owned financial services company with 200+ locations nationwide. We are dedicated to serving our customers in their own neighborhoods with convenient services including, check cashing, commercial check cashing, bill pay, money orders, money transfers, debit cards, gift card exchange, foreign currency exchange, ATM’s, Metro Cards, Lottery, and more. With a friendly, dedicated and bi-lingual staff, our goal is to provide all of your financial service needs in a clean and comfortable environment. We understand the specific needs in our local communities, and deliver the right products and services to help our customers better manage their money and enhance their daily lives. Our 87 stores in the NY-NJ metro area have extended hours, many are open 24 hours, and are located throughout the NY boroughs and Northern NJ.

For more information on CFSC, please visit the website at: www.cfsc.com.


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