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Real Estate Agent Larry Vecchio Reaches Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with Local Business Mavericks Volume 14

Real Estate Agent Larry Vecchio Reaches Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with Local Business Mavericks Volume 14

Local Business Mavericks featuring Larry Vecchio hits #1 on the Amazon.com Best Seller’s List In the US and CA.

New Jersey City Real Estate Agent, Larry Vecchio, hit #1 on the Amazon.com  Best Seller’s List in two categories on December 21, 2016, for the release of Local Business Mavericks. The book ranked #1 US  the Free Enterprise category and 1# CA Policy & Current Events category.

Local Business Mavericks Volume 14, is a compilation of 1on1 conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry. Each contributing author reveals their strategies for helping overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers success.

Larry states, “.The first benefit and the most important benefit is that it’s exclusive. So, there’s only one agent in each town. If they’re lucky enough to be that featured agent, they can start to spend money promoting these sites and not have to worry about sharing it with three or four other agents. Over time, it becomes a great listing tool because there’s not a seller that doesn’t want to have their house featured on their own town page. So, if they knew there was a community website that their home could be featured on it, that agent would have an advantage on a listing presentation to a home seller. That’s the single most important reason, I believe.”

Larry Vecchio, “I been in the real estate business for 35 years. Started in the mortgage business back in the 80s and opened a real estate company in middle 80s and we have probably 15 offices now. A couple hundred agents in central New Jersey. My primary background has been the real estate business.”

To learn more about Larry Vecchio visit www.homesin.com

Local Business Mavericks Volume 14 is available on Amazon.com Kindle at http://www.amazon.com

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